Workplace Campaigns

Payroll Contribution Campaign

Workplace charitable giving programs in the United States generate over $80 million annually for education, the arts, community heritage, and conservation groups. Founded in 1988, Community Shares Utah now participates in over 40 workplace campaigns.

Managing Payroll Contribution Campaigns is easy with a few easy steps to make the process very easy for the employer.


  • Brochure and pledge information are assembled by Community Shares Utah volunteers. Employers distribute the information to employees.  Some businesses conduct specific campaigns throughout the year. 


  • Community Shares Utah Contribution volunteers and staff are available to make presentations to employees upon request.
  • Community Shares Utah staff work with the employer's contribution coordinator to schedule presentations and answer  questions.

Processing the Pledges that support impactful charitable causes throughout Utah

  • Employees receive a brochure and pledge form to complete and return to the Contribution Coordinator or payroll office.  Employees are encouraged particpate online.
  • The Contribution Coordinator forwards the pledge card to payroll; a copy of the pledge form along with any cash or checks/cc information to Community Shares Utah. The third copy remains with the employee.
  • The payroll department assigns a deduction code for Community Shares and enters the deductions for each donor.
  • The Contribution Coordinator sends a summary report with campaign results to Community Shares Utah.
  • Accounts payable sends a check to Community Shares on a mutually agreed schedule.
  • Community Shares distributes funds to the appropriate agencies.  (CS/U holds a percentage of funds donated as a program management fees). 100% of funds donated stay in Utah

Enroll Your Business

To set up a workplace giving campaign opportunity, please contact us by phone to set up an appointment, 801-486-9224 and we will happily assist you through the process.

Payroll Deduction Pledge Form

To help your employees set up their enrollment, use the PDF form below. Fields can be completed on a computer in Adobe Reader, and then can be printed and signed to authorize the enrollment. 

pdfCommunity Shares Utah Pledge Form