Membership Application

To become a member of Community Shares Utah, please download and complete the following documents.

Membership Application

Download Membership Agreement

Complete the online Membership Application


Membership Agreement

When you are accepted as a member agency of Community Shares Utah, you must agree to the following points:

  1. Work on a program including attending meetings and participating in program assignments.
  2. Attend yearly annual meeting, tranings and attendance at scheduled board meetings.
  3. Participate in training provided by Community Shares Utah.
  4. Assist in campaigns including making presentations, preparing materials and attending fairs.
  5. Pay annual dues and submit required documentation by determined due dates.
  6. Agree to annually assessed program management fees to CS/U.
  7. Members provide a minimum of 20 volunteer hours annually to Community Shares Utah.
  8. Member agrees to comply with all Community Shares Utah requirements: the Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures.
  9. Non-compliance of this agreement may result in termination of membership in Community Shares Utah.

Required Documents

The following are required for your Community Shares Utah Membership:

  • A signed membership agreement.
  • Dues: $100 for the first two years.  In the third year and beyond, program support fees are assessed based on funds received the previous year.
  • A current Charitable Solicitation Permit from the State of Utah.
  • A budget for the current fiscal year.
  • Brochures, Newsletters, or other written material describing the Member Agency its programs and services
  • A year end financial statement if your organization is not required to submit an audit to the CFC.
  • A current list of the Board of Trustees and Board Officers with Home Addresses and Phone Numbers.
  • A current Annual Report, including information about the terms of office for the agency governing board officers, members and the dates, times and places of their board meetings over the past year.

The following documentation is required in the Combined Federal Campaign Application for Local Organizations and Federation Members. Please see CFC form for complete list and use the below link to apply and upload all required documents:

Submit Form
  1. Description of programs, benefits etc. provided by member and how they benefit human health and welfare. Attachment A
  2. The most recent IRS 501 © (3) letter for your organization. Attachment B
  3. A Full Certified Audit if the member agency has a current budget over $100,000. Attachment C
  4. An IRS form 990 for the most recent year. Form 990 E.Z. is not Acceptable the CFC requires pages 1 and 2 of the 990 even if the IRS does not require a 990. Attachment D
  5. A 25 Word Mission Statement, which includes the percentage of agency money used for administration costs. Attachment E