Member Benefits

Being a member of Community Shares Utah comes with many important benefits. Your agency has the opportunity to participate in annual COC and CFC campaigns. It allows your agency to encourage the expansion of workplace giving through networking opportunities and your agency has greater impact through financial support to help accomplish your agency's goals.

CS/U advocates and educates for your agency to establish, continue and expand non-restricted funding to your organization

Voting Seat on Community Shares Utah Board of Trustees

Listing in all Community Shares Utah materials

Participation in the following programs:

  • Workplace Expansion opportunities
  • Member Agency Development
  • Public Relations/Marketing Events

Training Opportunities:

  • Annual meeting/board meetings
  • Annual Volunteer Training Party
  • Workplace Giving
  • Workplace Expansion
  • IRS 990
  • Annual Report

Web Presence

  • Marketing of your organization on the Community Shares Utah website
  • Social media presence