Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Community Shares Utah?

Community Shares Utah is a nonprofit support organization that provides education and support for community improvement, human and animal services, and a health environment.

Who are the Member Agencies of Community Shares Utah?

Community Shares Utah represents 20+ nonprofit organizations that provide ongoing programs that help people in Utah live better lives.

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What is the purpose of Community Shares Utah?

To educate and train nonprofit organizations: A) to operate legally, B) to learn and abide by state and federal regulations, C) to use standard accounting procedures, and D) to establish and follow standards of ethics.

How is Community Shares Utah structured?

Community Shares Utah is governed by a board of trustees consisting of representatives from all member organizations. Day-to-day operations are carried otu by the Executive Director and is assisted by program committees made up of member volunteers.

How does Community Shares Utah raise money?

Community Shares Utah participates in public and private workplace payroll deduction programs which enable employees to give to their favorite nonprofit organizations.

What Is a Payroll Deduction Campaign?

Community Shares Utah approaches businesses in our community and asks the decision-maker to allow the employees to donate to the nonprofit organizations who are members of Community Shares Utah through payroll deduction. The employees can donate as little as $1.00 per month, or as much as they desire, and the amount will be deducted from the paycheck of the employee. The campaign usually takes place in the fall, when employees pledge the amount of money to give and designate which agency or agencies will receive the donation.

How Can Community Shares Utah Raise Additional Funds?

Raising additional funds is possible by access to new campaigns. If you are aware of a business who is interested in setting up a new workplace campaign for giving, please contact us. 

How does Community Shares Utah create new workplace campaigns?

Community Shares Utah approaches businesses through a contact, someone at a business that is known personally or through family members or friends; for example, your car mechanic, your cleaners, your bank or credit union. You ask your contact to allow a representative from Community Shares Utah to come and explain its program to them. The Community Shares Utah representative will approach the contact to find out if a charitable giving campaign can be set up for the employees.

What if I have other questions?

The Executive Director of Community Shares Utah will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call the CS/U office at 801-486-9224 anytime during normal business hours.